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Welcome to - the home of the puzzles and puzzle solvers!! If you are looking for high quality original puzzle content for your website or publication, you have come to the right place! We supply a variety of puzzles, from Sudokus, Wordokus, Wordsearches and crosswords, to nonogram-style puzzles made with unique images. All our puzzles can be tailored to your requirements, and in a wide variety of formats to suit every need. If you are interested in purchasing unique and original puzzles, please visit our sales section.

On this site we also supply free services to the amateur puzzler. These include free puzzle games and puzzle solvers, with fresh puzzles posted every day which can be printed out or played online!

We are always looking to improve the site, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to email us. Please note that we have NO connection with the Sunday Telegraph or James Dalgety.


Check out these Free Nonograms supplied by our readers! Nonograms (also known as Griddlers or Picross puzzles) are a picture logic puzzle, in which cells in a grid have to be filled or left blank to reveal a hidden picture! If you're new to this type of puzzle, you can try our introduction to griddlers. If you like Griddlers, then you will like these nice free picross puzzles at our partner site If you're having some problems with a particular puzzle, why not try our online nonogram solver. It will show you the answer in seconds!


Play the popular number logic puzzle with our free daily Sudoku online! To play sudoku you must enter a number from 1 to 9 into each of the blank spaces in a 9x9 grid. Every row of the puzzle must contain one of each number, so must every column, and so must every 3x3 square. For an even bigger sudoku challenge, try out the free samurai sudoku at Everyday we also post a new free wordoku puzzle! This popular word variation is like traditional Sudoku, except that here you must place letters from a given 9 letter word into each of the blank spaces.

Word Search

Find the words hidden in the grid in our free online word search puzzle! Play free word searches, generate your own word search using an online word search creator and send word search e-cards at our specialist word-search puzzle site


Try out the free online crossword solver at our sister site to help solve quick crossword clues where you just can't quite work out which word fits the gap! We also hope to have some free crossword puzzles on griddler soon, so keep in touch!


For more puzzle books and games visit our books and links section.

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